Aim for the moon

To maximize opportunities for work abroad, SPAASI offers artists the chance to improve their skills through training focused on both practice and theory.
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Hands on training

Practice makes perfect
We believe that you learn by doing. With this in mind, each year during the Francofête en Acadie, SPAASI offers a scenic coaching to Acadian artists selected for an international showcase.

This privileged and personalized support, which extends throughout the duration of the Francofête en Acadie, is offered by qualified and dedicated international teachers.

Acadian teachers are also invited to contribute to the training program to promote the transfer of knowledge between territories. Nurtured by exchanges with experts passing through Acadia, these professionals from the Atlantic provinces develop a better knowledge of the expectations of European presenters.

chloe breault

"With the help of teachers, I adapted my shows to the European market. We worked on my presentations and musical arrangements. I now have all the tools needed to attract a new audience."

-Chloé Breault, Acadian artist

Theory learning

One must learn to know the markets and identify local resources, distribution networks and consumer habits of the general public. It is with this in mind that SPAASI offers theoretical training to its clients. At the end of these learning sessions, the artists will know more about:

  • The key players with whom they will be able to work in the market
  • The angles of approach to new markets
  • All the logistical aspect of exporting
L’autre fois j’me suis acheté un piano droit en espérant qu’un jour ma vie soit moins de travers
Écoeuré de m’enfarger dans les notes noires
Thomé Young